Tokyography News

We are launching!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Tokyography, a platform on which locals or visitors alike can sign up for photography courses around Tokyo. The Tokyography experience extends beyond learning mere photography skills, but involves complete immersion and exploration into the physicality and soft nature of the city. Our team of professional instructors are eager to have you improve your photographic techniques, while also give you a glimpse into their Tokyo perspective through our six organized excursions.

Another very exciting feature of Tokyography will be the occasional workshops we host. We’ll be working toward inviting specialists from around the world to give lectures on their niche technique and skills. Anywhere from photographers who focus their work on food styling or concentrate on photographing a specific region of the world, we invite you to learn a lesser-known, but all the more interesting type of practice in photography.

Tokyo is simply a fascinating city to take photos of. It is our goal to have you become more acquainted with your camera while simultaneously fine tuning your street photography skills. The subjects and environments found in Tokyo are wide ranging; choose to capture the raucous nature of salary men bunched outside the local watering holes in Shimbashi or alternatively, the quiet stillness surrounding some of Japan’s oldest temples in Asakusa. Expect to be shown a different side of Tokyo never once believed to have existed, brought to life through an endless maze of hidden backstreet wonders. Freeze these varied experiences around the city into captured moments of time that will forever tell the unique story of YOUR Tokyo.