PRIVATE 2.5 HOUR TOUR - ¥25,000

Tap into Tokyo's alternative side full of eccentrics and creatives!

“Meticulously inelegant,” both Shimokitazawa and Kichijoji harbour a fast growing bohemian wave of creatives in their corners. Both neighborhoods share trendy stylized aesthetics similar to Harajuku (Tokyo’s mecca for eccentric fashion), but there is a laid-back coolness of manner among the street goers that speaks highly to the areas’ unique charm and ‘hipsterish’ vibe. Both areas lack the palatial perfection of Ginza or even Omotesando, but Shimokitazawa and Kichijoji have their own compelling narrative: one that feeds into the curiosity of exploring a backstreet area full of groovy, oddball shops and characters.

Given the title of ‘coolest neighborhood in the world’ by Vogue Magazine in 2015, Shimokita, as locals call it, is a tangled mess of small streets, densely dotted with second hand clothing shops, cafés, bars, and eateries. We will get completely lost roaming around the vibrant backstreets, all of which have been exclusively chosen down to the most delightfully random quirk.

Once twilight begins to set in, we will expand our scope of Vintage Tokyo by relocating our lenses to Kichijoji. Capture an eclectic mix of modern and traditional – ranging from edgy clothing stores to live seafood vendors. This small alleyway springs to life at night with the arrival of ‘salarymen’ regulars, looking to hole up in one of the bite-sized izakayas to merrily drink away their worries before early morning hours beckon them back to the office.



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LANGUAGES: English / French
LOCATION: Shimo-Kitazawa, Kichijoji

INCLUDED: Photography instructor, Knowledge of area.

NOT INCLUDED: Transportation Costs, Camera (can be rented), Tripod (can be rented), Hotel Pickup.