PRIVATE 2.5 HOUR TOUR - ¥25,000

Capture Tokyo "with its hair down" after hours!

The intensity to which Tokyo changes face come nightfall makes it an experience not to be missed; one of undeniable intrigue and thrill to photograph. It is during these night hours that the city becomes painted with light and at which time Tokyoites surrender their orderly day-time composure. Tokyo assumes a completely different personality, one that embodies entertainment and loud bantering among colleagues or friends. Locals convene after office hours at the countless string of drinking holes and ‘izakayas,’where a bīru (or two) with friends brings about an ease of spirit along the streets.

The starting point of Tokyo Night Crawl will plant you in Shibuya, a legendary area of Tokyo enlivened by the sea of ‘salarymen’ and ‘office ladies’ en route to an izakaya for their night’s nesting. Capture the unrestrained energy and momentum of the neighborhood, paired with the radiating glow of the city lights before you, with your lens.

We will then shift location to the neighboring Shinjuku, an all engrossing area of floor to-ceiling-billboards and pachinko arcades. Find yourself suddenly tucked away along the hidden backstreets of Golden Gai and Memory Lane, both considered architectural relics reminiscent of old Tokyo with their dimly lit alleyways and decrepit surroundings. The bite-sized bars and yakitori stalls advertise themselves with a kooky mix of artwork and logos, ranging from cats to painted lips to nudes — all of which will serve to add a sense of mystique and charm to your photos.



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LANGUAGES: English / French
DURATION: 2.5 Hours
LOCATION: Shibuya, Shinjuku

INCLUDED: Photography instructor, Knowledge of area.

NOT INCLUDED: Transportation Costs, Camera (can be rented), Tripod (can be rented), Hotel Pickup.