Excursion – Antique Tokyo



Travel back in time and experience a more traditional side of Tokyo!

They might lie just east of the neon-lit towers and packed streets of downtown Shibuya, but the Yanaka Ginza and Ueno neighborhoods of Tokyo inhabit an entirely different world; one that still retains the nostalgic, traditional atmosphere of old Town Japan. The architectural preservation coupled with a beautiful string of local businesses, mainly ‘mom and pop’ shops (tofu makers, tableware sellers, green tea roasters), make both areas a hub for craftspeople and artists alike.

The Antique Tokyo tour allows for a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, giving you a taste of a seemingly more charming, intimate atmosphere with locals.

Start this excursion by meeting at Nippori station, where you will take a take a short walk to the Yanaka Ginza shopping street. Given the unhurried, leisurely pace of the surroundings, Yanaka is the ideal location to become more comfortable with shooting candids. The variety of shops and trades along the shopping street, each contrasting in nature; the butcher’s beside the barber’s, the confectionary beside the antique broom store, gives you endless freedom in choosing your subject.

Next we will make our way towards Ueno to shoot around Shinobazu pond, which offers a picturesque cityscape view floating above the sea of lily pads. Stroll along narrow back streets and capture remnants of Edo-period style houses against modern-day concrete structures. The Antique Tokyo adventure will conclude along one of Tokyo’s oldest open-air markets, Ameyoko, adding a scenic pulse of energy with the reappearing neons and bustling trainline overhead.



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    DURATION: 2.5 Hours
    LOCATION: Yanaka Ginza, Ueno

    INCLUDED: Photography instructor, Knowledge of area.

    NOT INCLUDED: Transportation Costs, Camera (can be rented), Tripod (can be rented), Hotel Pickup.