The Homer Shake

The Simpsons have also come up with their Harlem Shake version, the Homer Shake.  Check it here!!

World’s largest sushi

Japan’s largest maki sushi, a 6kg maki made with more than 20 ingredients and 2 meters of nori, cooked by Umewaka restaurant in Aichi prefecture.  Check this video to see the world’s largest sushi.

Transform your iPod nano into a cool watch with nanox by emonster

The other day I bumped into a really innovative iPod nano case, the nanox, a case shaped as a wrist watch designed to use your new iPod nano as a wrist watch.  With the second version of the iPod nano touch you get a screen that doesn’t go to sleep and offers you a wide variety of watch designs.  From Mickey Mouse to a Tag Monaco style watch the new nano offers a lot of cool watch designs that make a wrist watch case much more stylish and suit to every age and taste.  The nanox wrist cage designed by emonster complements this iPod nano feature with a simple design that easily adapts to the nano’s colors and size, the case itself is made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, and is available in the seven colors Apple offers the iPod nano.

I tried the black case and I was quite impressed with its style, well built quality and design. Assembling the watch is very easy and by the quality of the design the nano gets a lot of protection from the aluminum frame that encases it.  I tried a couple of digital watches to see how they looked on my wrist, below are some pics with some of the watch options the new nano offers.

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The Brandery Winter Edition 2012 Barcelona

This year opened with one of the biggest fashion events in Spain, The Brandery Winter Edition 2012.  The event held at Fira Barcelona, hosted numerous fashion brands from all europe and Spanish and international buyers interested in sharing all sorts of exhibitions, catwalk shows and demonstrations.

Below is a short clip and some pictures of the catwalk of two of the fashion brands at the fair, Laga and Agua Bendita.

Photo and Video by

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Seijinshiki, The Coming of Age Celebration in Japan

成人式 or Seijinshiki, is the most awaited celebration for young Japanese.  It is the initiation into adulthood and the coming of new responsibilities in life.  For most this time comes by the end of high school, beginning of university studies.  It is celebrated on the 2nd week of January for everyone who have already reached 20 years of age.

The Coming of Age Day has been celebrated in Japan for at least 1300 years and it is characterized for the beautiful display of Kimonos and artistic hairstyles in young women.  The celebration is held officially on every city and prefecture office, where government officials give speeches and give small presents to the newly recognized adults.  This day is also recognized as a national holiday where parents and friends celebrate together to the new coming adults.

Below is a sample of some of the beautiful kimonos and nice hairstyles photographed in 2011 Seijinshiki.

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe 2012 at Tokyo Fashion Week

Finally Mercedez-Benz launched its C Class Coupé model for 2012 in Japan during the Tokyo Fashion Week 2011, the car debuted more than 6 months ago in the Geneva Motor Show on in March 1st, 2011.

The car’s trademark is its exclusive color accents in vivid red, matte black and metallic aluminum.  The car also features new intelligent alert systems that provide assistance during emergencies that range from standard ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection to optional Lane Keeping Assist, the coupe provides a comprehensive level of driver support and protection. The assistance systems are based on the latest radar, camera and sensor technology, and cover frequent accident causes such as distraction, fatigue and darkness.

Enough of technical jargon here are some of the pictures of the mars red Benz C Class Coupe at the entrance of Tokyo Midtown Hall main venue for the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2011.  You can get one of these for about 4 million yen, around $40K usd.


Photo by Tokyography©

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What do you use your iPad for?

From what I personally saw there were more than 500 people lining up in front of the Shibuya Apple Store during the iPad 2 launch day May 28th in Japan. Many of them had been lining up for more than 12 hours since the day before.  They stayed over night, with folding chairs, sleeping bags and cushions, not even the cold weather and rain sent them home!  This was how badly people wanted the iPad 2 in Japan.  I wouldn’t even call that macfans, but mac junkies!

Why would these people want an iPad so badly?

So last March Admob a mobile advertising company acquired by Google released some interesting research results about the tablet pc aka the iPad.  Most of the results were based on the iPad since this tablet has 85% of the market share.

From the study I was not surprised to see that the vast majority of users use the iPad for, guess what, gaming!!  84% of the tablet users are just using it to play.  On the other hand another result concluded that 59% of the respondents spend more time each day on their tablet than, guess what, reading a paper book. Well at least some users are saving some paper.


Here is the breakdown of the iPad usage:

  • Playing games 84%
  • Searching for information 78%
  • Emailing 74%
  • Reading the news 61%
  • Accessing a social network56%
  • Consuming entertainment 51%
  • Reading ebooks 46%
  • Shopping online 42%
  • Other 19%

On the other hand from another study from what the App market shows games are on the 1st place with 58% of the store downloads. Supply and demand clearly shows that games are the most profitable applications because they have the biggest market.  And most of these games are puzzles, action and adventure software. If you ask me what I think about games, I would say its just a waste of time.  I have been there, with the PS, Nintendo and iPhone.  All I can say, I could have used my money and time better.  Anyways some people might say that games contribute to developing certain skills, however I might disagree to some point.

With more than 20 million iPads since its launch and hundreds of millions of iPhones out there, the gaming market is huge, I just wonder how many of those games are really productive.