Tiny Death Star Unlocked Scenes Video

Here are some of the best scenes of the Tiny Death Star unlocked scenes. Here are some of Tiny Death Star unlocked scenes featuring Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Obi Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Bobba Fett, Lando Carlisian, Darth Vader, C3PO, Ewok.

The scenes feature:

  • Extending Bridge
  • Imperial Museum
  • Detention Level
  • Droid Store
  • Cloud City Spa
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Holochness Hall
  • Training Remotes
  • Blast Doors
  • Tractor Beam
  • Communications

Tiny Death Star Unlocked Scenes Video


Tiny Death Star Scene Unlocking Cheats:

Food Levels
The Cantina — Han Solo or Greedo
Mos Espa Cafe (the first scene) — Gungan
Ithorian Food — Ithorian
Scoop of Hoth — Snow Trooper

Service Levels
Bounty Hunters — Boba Fett or Dengar or 4-LOM or Gand
Cloud City Spa — Han Solo or Boba Fett
Trash Compactor — Luke or Han or Chewbacca or Leia
Panna City Medicine — Boba Fett (Holiday Special)

Recreational Levels
Holochess Hall — IG-88
Holonet Cineplex — Chadra-fan (orange clothing)
Imperial Museum — Wicket (ewok with red hood) or Scout Trooper
Mon Cala Aquarium — Mon Calamari (Has to be ? & not wearing the white suit, i.e. Not Akbar)
Training Remotes — Obi-wan or Luke

Retail Levels
Droid Store — Greedo or R5-D4 or Jawa
Watto’s Wares — Pit Droid or Toydarian or Watto or Gungan

Residential Levels
Dagobah Apts — Yoda or R2-D2
Tatooine Apts — C3PO or Tusken Raider

Imperial Levels
Blast Door — Obi-wan
Communications — Han Solo or Luke or Chewbacca
Detention Level — Luke or Han or Leia or Chewbacca
Droid Lab — R2-D2 or Leia
Extending Bridge — Luke or Leia
Imperial Meeting Room — Darth Vader
Interrogation — Leia or Interrogation Droid
Superlaser Ray — Imperial Gunner or TIE Pilot
Tractor Beam — Obi-wan
Sith Meditation — Darth Vader
By Character

4-LOM — Bounty Hunters
Boba Fett — Bounty Hunters, Cloud City Spa
Boba Fett (Holiday Special) — Panna City Medicine
C3PO — Tatooine Apts
Chandra-fan (orange clothing) — Holonet Cineplex
Chewbacca — Trash Compactor, Communications, Detention Level
Darth Vader – Imperial Meeting Room, Sith Meditation
Dengar — Bounty Hunters
Gand — Bounty Hunters
Greedo — The Cantina, Droid Store
Gungan — Mos Espa Cafe, Watto’s Wares
Han Solo — Communications, Detention Level, Cloud City Spa, Trash Compactor, The Cantina
IG-88 — Holochess Hall
Imperial Gunner — Superlaser Ray
Interrogation Droid — Interrogation
Ithorian — Ithorian
Jawa — Droid Store
Leia (white) — Interrogation, Extending Bridge, Droid Lab, Detention Level, Trash Compactor
Leia (Bespin) — none
Luke — Extending Bridge, Detention Level, Communications, Training Remotes, Trash Compactor
Mon Calamari (not Ackbar) — Mon Cala Aquarium
Obi-wan — Blast Door, Tractor Beam, Training Remotes
Pit Droid — Watto’s Wares
R2-D2 — Droid Lab
R5-D4 — Droid Store
Scout Trooper — Imperial Museum
TIE Pilot — Superlaser Ray
Toydarian — Watto’s Wares
Tusken Raider — Tattoine Apts
Watto — Watto’s Wares
Wicket (ewok with red hood) — Imperial Museum
Yoda — Dagobah Apts

Using your SIM free iPhone in Japan

If you are traveling to Japan and have a SIM free iPhone or smartphone and want mobile internet you have to read this article.

Before going to Japan I was researching for ways to connect my sim free iPhone to the mobile 3G networks there at a reasonable price. a couple of years ago this was almost impossible for a temporary traveler or tourist  nowadays it is very easy with a new NTT Docomo company called B-mobile. B-mobile is an NTT Docomo branch company that focuses on mobile internet products, mainly using portable wifi routers and SIM FREE smartphones. They have a variety of plans ranging from data amount to time duration.

b-mobile mobile Internet data plans for visitors to Japan

Bmobile 1gb mobile plan japanThe service is free of contract and can be obtained without being a resident in Japan.
There are to ways to obtain this service one if you can read Japanese is offered from the Japanese site and the other one from the English site.
The Japanese site offers much more products than its English counterpart however you would need a Japanese mobile phone in order to get the service running. From the Japanese site you can order the SIM card and have it shipped to any address within Japan or get it at Narita for pickup when you arrive (make sure you order with enough time for the card to arrive to the airport before your arrival to Narita). If you have an address in Japan you can get it shipped there and then activate it with a friends mobile free of cost.

The English site on the other hand offers its 2 main products the 1 month and 14 day pass SIM card which come already activated and ready to use. The card you pay it online or on the airport which you can pick up there on your arrival. Beware to order the card a couple of days in advance to your arrival to Tokyo if you decide to buy it online previous to your trip.

Mobile internet in Japan bmobile

The b-mobile data plan review

I got the 1GB 定額 30 day plan for ¥3,480, (on the English site this is the b-mobile Visitor 1GB prepaid) since my trip was for a month this plan was perfect for me. I had the card shipped to a friend’s address and then got it the same day I arrived.

Have in mind that this card is only data, so it only includes mobile internet, no phone calls nor SMS.

    B-mobile networks run on NTT Docomo 3G/4G/LTE cellular so it has wide and fast coverage in Japan. Downlink 14MBps / Uplink 5.7MBps.

I used his phone to activate the card, which was a quick dial to b-mobile followed by a voice guided activation procedure, very simple. I was using an SIM Free unlocked iPhone 4S bought in Spain and had no compatibility
issues with the card. I was able to connect to the 3G network without any problems, I could use Skype, Line Voice Calls, Instagram uploads and Youtube streaming with no problem. the 1GB 定額 plan also allows you to use 4G/LTE networks, unfortunately the iPhone 4S is not compatible with these so I could only use 3G, which sucked since there I could see the huge difference in speed between both. 4G/LTE is screaming fast, everything pops-up up instantly and voice is smooth and clear. Anyways I was pretty satisfied with the service, in 1 month of constant use I got to consume 80% of the whole plan, about 800MB, not bad. In my experience I haven’t spent more than 1GB of mobile data in a month yet, and I am an intensive user constantly using mobile internet and uploading pics to Instagram.
Japan has been slowly opening its mobile protectionism, in previous years having the possibility of using your foreign phone with he Japanese carrier data plans was inconceivable. However NTT has been slowly introducing into the market more open systems compatible with SIM free phones without all the requirements they had before. This year they have introduced the iPhone in their line of products and hopefully soon will offer the possibility of unlocking your phone.

Increase your organic traffic with HitTail


Increase your WordPress blog organic traffic

Driving traffic to your website can be one of the most challenging tasks for a blogger and specially for a photographer. Photography websites due to the nature of their content tend to be rich in image files and low in text density. This can affect the website’s SEO performance and impact its incoming traffic. To avoid this the best thing is to combine good image content with relevant texts. In for example I try to balance images with text, usually enough text to describe the images and gallery and let google understand what the images are about.

The key rules to have good text content are to write at least a 300 word post and focus on keywords that can drive traffic. In my case I use a couple of keyword tools essential to find out which are the best keywords to increase your organic traffic:

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Hit Tail

Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool provides me with an overall analysis of the monthly traffic an specific keyword can have. So for example if I am trying to write about iPhone photography apps, I would research this keyword phrase in the Google Keyword Tool and the tool will provide me with the monthly traffic for this keyword and a list of keyword suggestions with their traffic. This is pretty useful for finding opportunities on other keywords similar in theme. I try to chose keyword with moderately high traffic and low competition which have a strong potential to rank.


The other tool I use is HitTail, this is a tool that will provide you with long tail keyword suggestions. Long tail keywords are usually keyword phrases of 3 or more keywords that define very specific topics. The software crawls your website and after analyzing the content gives you a list of keyword suggestions that will show you the most promising keywords you should target based on your existing traffic.

This cloud application will give you reports were you can analyze the existing keywords on your blog and will give you suggestions for keywords with potential to generate traffic.

The image below is of my Hittail dashboard showing me my most valuable keywords with the top ten keywords and long tail keywords.  The Hit Tail report shows that  my top ten keywords are 39.4% of all your search traffic and long tail keywords are 60.6% of all my search trafficOnce the tool analyses my blog content it automatically creates a list of suggested keywords I can use for future posts.  I can choose from the list the keywords I would like to use for a post or request the HitTail team to write me a post about the keyword.

hit tail long tail keywords

Long tail keyword traffic has proven to bring most of the traffic to blogs, mastering what long tail keywords are going to bring you traffic is essential.  HitTail is one of the best tools to increase your organic traffic and will help you find those keyword opportunities that can build up your monthly traffic to your blog.  On your photography blog it can be useful to find those hidden terms on your blog with strong potential.