Increase your organic traffic with HitTail


Increase your WordPress blog organic traffic

Driving traffic to your website can be one of the most challenging tasks for a blogger and specially for a photographer. Photography websites due to the nature of their content tend to be rich in image files and low in text density. This can affect the website’s SEO performance and impact its incoming traffic. To avoid this the best thing is to combine good image content with relevant texts. In for example I try to balance images with text, usually enough text to describe the images and gallery and let google understand what the images are about.

The key rules to have good text content are to write at least a 300 word post and focus on keywords that can drive traffic. In my case I use a couple of keyword tools essential to find out which are the best keywords to increase your organic traffic:

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Hit Tail

Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool provides me with an overall analysis of the monthly traffic an specific keyword can have. So for example if I am trying to write about iPhone photography apps, I would research this keyword phrase in the Google Keyword Tool and the tool will provide me with the monthly traffic for this keyword and a list of keyword suggestions with their traffic. This is pretty useful for finding opportunities on other keywords similar in theme. I try to chose keyword with moderately high traffic and low competition which have a strong potential to rank.


The other tool I use is HitTail, this is a tool that will provide you with long tail keyword suggestions. Long tail keywords are usually keyword phrases of 3 or more keywords that define very specific topics. The software crawls your website and after analyzing the content gives you a list of keyword suggestions that will show you the most promising keywords you should target based on your existing traffic.

This cloud application will give you reports were you can analyze the existing keywords on your blog and will give you suggestions for keywords with potential to generate traffic.

The image below is of my Hittail dashboard showing me my most valuable keywords with the top ten keywords and long tail keywords.  The Hit Tail report shows that  my top ten keywords are 39.4% of all your search traffic and long tail keywords are 60.6% of all my search trafficOnce the tool analyses my blog content it automatically creates a list of suggested keywords I can use for future posts.  I can choose from the list the keywords I would like to use for a post or request the HitTail team to write me a post about the keyword.

hit tail long tail keywords

Long tail keyword traffic has proven to bring most of the traffic to blogs, mastering what long tail keywords are going to bring you traffic is essential.  HitTail is one of the best tools to increase your organic traffic and will help you find those keyword opportunities that can build up your monthly traffic to your blog.  On your photography blog it can be useful to find those hidden terms on your blog with strong potential.